Brenden Jemison – Contemporary Abstract Paintings

New contemporary abstract paintings by Brenden Jemison will be on display through March.

Jemison, originally from New York, has lived in Taos for 10 years and counts the endlessly changing beauty of the sky in New Mexico as one of his chief reasons for living in Taos. Trained at the Art Students League in NYC Jemison is highly influenced by the abstract expressionists of the New York school as well as graffiti and street art. Working in acrylic paint on a number of supports, including canvas, Masonite and newspaper, Jemison creates fields of color and movement in drips, splashes and gestural brushwork. The paintings are meant to invoke emotional responses within the viewer based on their association with the colors of the piece, they are subconscious landscapes purposely without figural elements to distract from the pure relation to color and movement.

“The work is about beauty, love, magic and mystery. The colors and movement are meant to allow the viewer to form their own meaning based on their own perspectives.” – Brenden Jemison

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