John Bradford

John Bradford first learned about firing anagama and naborigama woodkilns at Northern Arizona University where he received a BFA with a concentration in ceramics. Bradford later completed a two year post-graduate program at Hartford Art School. During his time in Connecticut he taught many classes and workshops in ceramics and woodfiring. He also built several kilns in the New England area.

In 2004 Bradford moved to New Mexico and built a large anagama kiln with bricks salvaged from an electric company in Colorado. This kiln became the center of a new woodfire community around Taos, New Mexico. He opened Bradford Pottery in Arroyo Seco in 2004 which became Rottenstone Pottery in 2008.

John Bradford continues to make and fire pottery in Taos, but also travels the country and recently to New Zeland building wood kilns for other ceramic artists.